Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Alice’s Moving Process And New Home

I am finally ready to share my moving process and photos of new home. Moving to a new home gives me fresh feeling but it is exhausting job, though because it requires labor and ideas for organizing the home system. People usually disregard home system but home is the place that could provide peace and comfort not only for physical stuff but also brain function, so home is not simply home itself.

I had lived alone in a different place for several years before I moved into a new home. I liked my previous home and managed my home in an organized and neat way upon my own system to make things function for me.
Now I live with my mom in a new nest after thinking of pros and cons what could be the better way for both, but I decided to live with my mom. Since I was used to living myself for a long time upon my organized system, so it was another concern how to harmonize with my mom’s habit in this new home. She is not organized like me and somewhat hoarder whereas I am organized by category and live in a simple, necessary amount of stuff with me. So it was some kind of project how to harmonize with her life style and habit. Now I am already used to her life style and habit.
Long story short, I would like to share what I prepared prior to moving to a new place not to miss or make a fuss during moving process.

1. Floor Plan for New Rooms

I made a floor plan for each room not to be confused how to arrange furniture on the moving day. I can tell this floor plan was really helpful on the moving day. By the way, I used the 3D sketch-up program because I didn’t have to convert the measurement, and it was easy to use (I use millimeter unit for the floor plan) The PowerPoint is the good substitute for it, too. I didn’t make it as 3D because my purpose was all about to get my vision on how to arrange my furniture to fit in the each room in advance. I didn’t purchase any furniture at all. I brought all of used furniture and items from my previous home.
When I visited a new home a month before moving in, I already took pictures of each room and space including built- in closets and electric outlets on walls, even I measured drawers and shelves, too. Pictures and measurements were quite helpful for me to decide how to organize and arrange my furniture.
My Bedroom Floor Plan

 My Craft Room Floor Plan
2. Ideas and Sketch for Customized Furniture

I always thought my mom needed a dress room to display her wardrobe since she had a lot of clothes. My mom is a type of person who shoves clothes in drawers and closets to hide and rummage through to find clothes. But I found out this kind of system was not really functional for my mom in many ways. So I thought an open closet was best for her. Also, my mom has arthritis so I had to consider about what was the better way for her to pick up clothes easily. The dress room for my mom is very small room, not fancy or capacious place, but we were happy to be able to utilize this small room as a dress room.

I sketched the dress room using 3D sketch-up program with consideration of my mom’s preference and function to help my vision. Then, I showed to a furniture designer to help his ideas upon my concept and preference. Of course, a furniture designer has a long period experience and knows what is best for customers upon their preference, so he exactly pointed out what I missed out such as an electric outlet on wall and where to place a big item such as a steam iron and a dresser location. In result, my mom is satisfied at how it turns out and feels comfortable to pick up clothes. I organized her wardrobe by category, too.
Images of sectional plan view below how I designed for my mom's dress room with 3D sketch-up program. But since I was not a designer,  I realized I missed several points by a furniture designer.  

3. Purge and Organize Items in Advance

I purged and checked each one of places in the previous home before moving out, so I could reorganize easily following by my previous organized system and I didn’t have to hang a neck on useless items at a new home. Only problem was; my new rooms are much smaller than the previous rooms so I had to come up with ideas how to put my items differently in a limited space prior to moving in. I always try to follow my principle that I keep simple & necessary amount of items with me not to make my life overwhelming with overflowing materialistic items. Nevertheless, I was surprised with so many boxes on the moving day.
4. Packing

*pack my items by category – desk products / craft products / bathroom products/ household / kitchen… 

*labeling each one of boxes – it was easy to know where each one of boxes belong to

5. Research Right Moving Company

I researched moving companies and compared prices to fit my budget. Whereas my mom had a lot of households so she chose a big moving company to provide whole service from packing to displaying items in a new home including installing machine such as a laundry machine and refrigerators.
In case of me, I took pictures of furniture and sent it to moving companies to get an estimate and compared price in advance. But in Korea, if there are a lot of furniture and items, a staff working from a moving company visits home in person to give a right estimate to customers. In addition, most moving companies provide big boxes for clothes so customers put long dresses and coats stuff on hangers in the box. I realized I didn’t have to put my clothes in boxes myself after I saw actual clothing boxes a moving company provided on the moving day. Literally, I took out each one of dress from hangers and folded them in boxes in advance. Oh my god! It took so long time to hang clothes back in each one of hanger and put it in the closet.

6. Change Address before Moving Out

I changed my address to a new one a week before moving out. When I lived in the previous home, I had received so many mails including registered mail and personal mail sent to a previous tenant all years because she didn’t change her address; sometimes it was bugging me. So I am so sensitive to make sure to change my address prior to moving out.

 In Korea, financial banks provide service for address change online, also post offices provide service for 3months to transfer any mails to a new address for customers, so customers have enough time to change their address during this service time. I used this service for my mom, too.
New Home Interior
I would like to share some of photos of a new home interior including my rooms, my bathroom, living room and kitchen table area. Since it is my family home, I don't want to share photos of whole house interior because I would like to respect their privacy.
My Bedroom

My Craft Room


I personally don't like to damage walls to hang things, so I prefer to hang my stuff using gallery rail. Actually, this new home already has the gallery rail system everywhere so we didn't have to install the gallery rail. I know the white wall underneath a wood canopy looks boring so I have a plan to attach a graphic wall decal.

My Bathroom

Family Living Room
I appreciate my mother likes my dolls. She allows me to display some of my dolls I created in the living room.

My mother likes Lladro angelic figurines porcelain. So we have some of them in the living room.

Family Dining Table Area

Alice's Planner Collection

I would like to share my planner collection. My life goes with plans and projects to improve my brain function and quality of my life. My planner system has evolved from trial and error throughout my experience. By the way, when I worked in companies, I used different planners from home system because I wanted to separate work and personal life, it was easier for me to follow up and organize things in mind and brain. Without planners, I get distracted and mind is everywhere.

I would like to talk about my days in humid and hot summer time before introducing my planner collection. My priority for summer time is studying accounting and tax to improve my knowledge. Previously, I tried to learn computer coding for web development, but again it is really hard subject to me especially when it comes to ASP, PHP, of course JavaScript, too. While I typed script, it had occurred errors often, so function didn't work, and it took up so much time to find each problem in scripts. This kind of procedure made me exhausted and tired, so I cannot really enjoy this hard subject. I know I should not have an attitude to learn things like this. Whereas I enjoy Korean accounting & tax course and accounting program, and it is helpful for me to understand what I didn't know before. And additional task comes with basic daily household work, and personal project like craft with my design.

Would you like to join my world of planner system?

Some TV reporter visited my home, and stole my computer files and took photos of my note books which were almost doodling level. But I want to let you know that my planner system always evolves, and still I learn things to find better solutions for me. Whatever I do, I never stick to same methods. I always look for creative sides to develop whatever I do.

In addition, most of planner accessories and statonery items were made by me.


My daily life starts with a calendar I created with Microsoft Excel Program I already shared before.
Link is as below. My calendar has due dates such as bills and expiration dates of important matters, etc... Every day I refer to this calendar. I know I have used this system for a quite long time, but I am open to find more advanced program solution. Personally I don't prefer anything related to online such as Google calendar stuff because I am being monitored by I.A. Also, there are hackers all over to intrude people's online information.

Daily Bullet Journal

I use this system not only for my personal life, but also at work, too. I prefer my journaling note book which has tabs or dividers. My note book divides sections as To-do list, daily journal to look back on how I use my time, what I eat, brain dumping such as project & design ideas, and the section for my personal work.

Project Tracker & Miscellaneous Lists

I use this A5 planner to track my project progress. I often refer to my progress on projects, although my project is done because it gives me some kind of motivation to move to the next project. And I have miscellaneous lists which I can refer to sometimes such as book list I want to read, craft materials I can refer to when I purchase, depleted period on items such as ink toner and computer mouse, and some kind of information, etc... 

For your reference, I purchased this planner at Kikki K online shop. So far my taste is stuck to Kikki k design. I really like Kikki k planners.


Pocket Journal

Whenever I go out, I always carry this small, pocket sized journaling planner with me so that I can jot down whatever comes to my mind such as ideas, inspiration or new to-do list, or information. It is pretty much helpful for me not to forget things whatever comes to my mind while I am out of home. What I like this planner is a palm size and lightweight to put it in my purse.

When I lived in America, I purchased this small planner at Louis Vuitton offline shop on sale
At that time, I really didn't know about a variety of planners or brand, so I happened to pick it up on sale when I passed the shop a long time ago. But now I know there are a lot of pretty and budget friendly planners in worldwide market such as kkki-k, filofax, websters planner, michaels planner collection, etc...



Travel Journal

Whenever I travel, I carry this kikki-k personal sized planner. I use this for my brain dumping such as inspiration, new ideas and concepts, new to-do list or whatever I have to remember while I travel. Also I keep my passport in this binder, and it has a plastic zipper pocket for my petty cash. Every time I travel, I really enjoy bullet journaling while I eat a sandwich with a cup of coffee in the airport so I always prepare petty cash inside of my planner. I have used this planner for this purpose. I am not tired of this planner yet.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alice's 2015 Craft Work

New Year is right around corner. And I have to admit again I gained another age. Nevertheless I am embracing New Year with fresh mind. My resolution for next year is “exercise” for health and daily routine by strict time table which can be difficult to carry out because I failed in 2015’, but I will try again with fresh mind. 

Anyhow, I would like to introduce my crafts I have made in the year of 2015.

I hope you have a happy new year with good resolution~

First, I made a video for my dolls I created from December, 2011 to December, 2015. I wanted to make a sort of commemorative video for my dolls and effort.


My graphic illustration and drawings with colored pencil on
or click above tabs on the banner.

*Jewelry & Hair Accessories 

*Fabric Items

Fabric Charms

Elephant Cushion

Sewing Kit Cushion (Sewing Organizer)

Feminine Pouch with Strap

Baby Blow-fish Pouch

Cat Pencil Pouch

Rolling Pouch for Colored Pencils

Krinex Tissue Box Cover

Owl Foldable Shopping Bag made of Synthetic Leather

Fauxdori (Journal Cover of Midori Style)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Alice’s Suggestion on Spoiled System of Entertainment Industry

Finally, I decide to talk about serious problems of the entertainment industry because I think the entertainment industry is one of places that are getting so corrupt and spoiled. For a long time, I strongly have felt that a lot of unprepared, vain minded entertainers gain fame and wealth easily by fake images, unfair chances, bribery and spoiled relationships with rich people in a corrupt way.

Literally, a lot of entertainers become corrupt, spoiled and haughty like people who become rich all of sudden by gambling or speculation; and their life are filled with bragging their materialistic life to public to hide where they came from and low level of quality in mind. 

Also, there are many people hanging on a string like a puppet and ignore problems and just follow. That is why corrupt, rotten people and system continuously survive with contaminated success and wealth.

Last time, I brought a similar subject regarding corruption of the entertainment industry. (
But this time, I will approach straight forward in a different way and point out boldly what is really wrong with broken, spoiled system in the entertainment industry with my suggestion.

1. Unbalanced Opportunities


First, the entertainment industry’s big problem is no transparent, structural system when it comes to opportunities like casting. Current ambiguous system gradually spoils the entertainment industry. It is one of reasons that spoiled, arrogant, incapable people can accumulate enormous wealth and opportunities unreasonably by fake images, bribery and corrupt & rich sponsors without true effort, sincerity, humility and creative capability, while sincere, potential entertainers as artists commit a suicide for poverty or get pushed to the corner to give up their dream by unfair balance and discrimination.

Second, a monopoly by major management and production companies and famous entertainers in this industry is the biggest problem. In fact, the monopoly by big companies and celebrities are caused by users who pursue their tail for money like gambling.

In addition, corruption like bribery, manipulation on ranking, award, casting etc. has happened in the entertainment industry. Whenever this kind of corruption floats on the surface, big capacity of management companies pretend they have never gone through corruption, and try to blame on minor companies. In fact, they have been making a wrong path in a corrupt way for a long time. When companies get bigger in capacity, they become corrupt and spoiled and get used to covering corruption so well; moreover they buy corrupt relations such as the corrupt police, rich sponsors, powerful authorities, lawyers, and accountants to save them whenever problems float on the surface. 

Lastly, wrong society and audiences’ poor mindset tend to evaluate entertainers’ ability by “lookism-appearance and fake images” This kind of wrong evaluation spoils the entertainment industry, though. I know human beings tend to be brainwashed and follow in environment like puppets psychologically; but it causes unbalance and corruption.


Chances and opportunities should be given to entertainers and companies fairly regardless of their fame and capacity in the transparent system not to lose true gemstones in dust.

Notify licensed management companies including minor companies for auditions with some specific conditions on each role they look for, since a lot of potential people are waiting for their chances. But any companies trying to use bribery stuff should be excluded and reported to the police if possible.

No matter they are famous or not, they should go through open auditions with fair evaluation for qualitative production. But jurors have to get rid of prejudice not to see people’s fame.

Audition jurors should include directors, producers, scenario writers, and undisputed & aged entertainers as artists (they have vision from their sincere mindset)

Journalists should pursue to find and write about sincere & prepared entertainers as artists from underground to make directors and companies to stretch their hands to them rather than pursue famous entertainers’ tails for money. I mean “balance” on their job is important.

2. Transparent and Rational Pay System


First, I have observed when entertainers become famous all of sudden by their fake images made in some commercial AD, drama, movie, or marketing, their pay jumps to the sky according to their fame and become very spoiled and arrogant inside their mind same as pathetic people become rich all of sudden by speculation or gambling, then they get lost themselves, live on vain conceit and try to hide where they came from and actual quality in mind.

Second, pay structure for entertainers is so broken, unbalanced, opaque, and unreasonable. Currently, entertainers’ pay is decided by their fame regardless of their true ability and a period of experiences in actual work. A fake images made by mass media has become hot selling in market. But the problem is that sincere, capable artists in the entertainment industry receive far less pay than incapable, spoiled entertainers living upon their fame, fake images, vain conceit and arrogance. Also, these arrogant, vain minded entertainers raise up their pay unreasonably under the name of fame and break the balance in the industry.

Third, when productions don’t reach the break-even point and go into deficit, the pay is only given to top roles who are “rich celebrity”; and other general roles and staff don’t get their pay. In fact, most problems were caused by depending upon celebrity’s fame and taking a risk of hiring famous celebrities for their production out of their budget, although famous celebrities lack in reaching the level of digesting roles. For example, a musical production company hired Idol pop singers with enormous pay out of their budget, but ended up being on the verge of bankruptcy and couldn’t pay to other roles and staff while they paid high to famous idol pop singers who are in lack of abilities in comparison with professional musical actors. Movie and drama production has not been exceptional in this situation.


Transparent pay system by fair evaluation
Entertainment pay system should evaluate entertainers by their period of experiences, true capability, undisputed achievements and sincere effort, not by fame from fake delusion which spoils entertainers. The entertainment industry would better invest money for more futuristic development of qualitative production rather than enormous pay to famous entertainers who tend to become arrogant and so much rotten and lose their sincere mindset once they get fame.

Incentive pay system according to profit of production
Fair incentive system is required to block corrupt and arrogant entertainers who try to contaminate pay system. It is fair for entertainers to receive incentive pay according to profit of production based on the percentage of allotment the entertainment industry settles in the structural system. But there is a trap that corrupt, spoiled entertainers can abuse the incentive pay system to fit their favor under the name of fame. So there should be a firm standard what percentage of the incentive from profits can be allotted to each role such as leading roles, supporting roles, general roles, minor roles, etc. according to profits of production. Again, it makes sense that entertainers should be paid according to fair incentive system.

Guarantee pay
Transparent & structural system on guarantee pay should be settled. Entertainers including extras in roles need to be secure when they are hired for any productions. So the guarantee pay system needs to be settled with firm & reasonable standard based upon their career by length of experiences, awards & achievements, and hard level of roles they play, etc. I have to point out that entertainers are not special people who have special abilities in comparison with other professions. But the current guarantee pay system is ridiculously unreasonable in comparison with other professions and true efforts.

3. Professional Departmentalization to Protect True Artists


First, production and advertisers tend to depend on entertainers’ vain fame, and hire famous celebrities with enormous pay regardless of their professional field

For example, famous singers who have clumsy acting skills are cast in soap operas as a leading role; idol pop singers casting in musicals; comedians & actresses & actors & singers casting for voice dubbing for movies. But they far fall behind from professional artists who are supposed to be there when it comes to true capability to digest actual task.

There are capable artists who specialize in each field as a singer, actor & actress, musical artist, comedian, voice dubbing artist, etc, but how can it be allowed that unprofessional people from different fields take up professional, capable people’s jobs in the entertainment industry?

I would like to emphasize that “specialty” in each field is important; and the entertainment industry should protect capable & sincere entertainers as artists from monopolization by famous celebrities and major management companies.

Second, pathetic & famous entertainers focus on seeking to be cast as a model in commercial advertisements to earn big money easily to fill their materialistic life and spoiled mind.

Regarding commercial AD which spoils famous celebrities, advertisers should know that true brand value to compete in worldwide brand market is from creativity, uniqueness, competitive quality of products. They would better invest money to develop superior products and creative & unique marketing ideas to go into international market and broaden their brand value rather than stick to an old & stereotyped advertising way depending on celebrities’ fame and image. I would like to speak up to advertisers that “Clear your brain and mind to see what makes you contaminate in the narrow vision. Explore your creativity and differentiated vision and uniqueness”

Also I have to emphasize that products itself have to be a brand image, but I often observe that images of famous celebrities tend to dominate products and brand images and become a company’s brand image which can be a poison.

By the way, is it only creative ideas for commercial AD to trace famous celebrity’s images to introduce products; or shallow and blond looking celebrity in a sexy bikini eating a hamburger; or artificial looking celebrity with a big hip implant in a sexy wardrobe like a Las Vegas hooker introducing a mobile?

Pathetic & uncreative advertisers would excuse that many fans of celebrities would purchase products if celebrities are models on commercial AD. Advertisers are the one of them who spoils the market and customers’ attitude with lack of vision. That kind of advertisers’ mindset is from uncreative and easy going attitude to depend on celebrities’ fame. Come on! Come with advanced, creative, unique ideas to represent products and brand image and get out of old, tacky, superficial, stereotyped advertising way!!!!  Creative & capable advertisers never depend on “celebrity’s image”.

When products are well made and creative, we tend to relate products with a brand & company first like “Apple – Mac computer” Commercial AD should be created to make potential customers immediately connect images of products with a brand image, not a celebrity image.


Structural departmentalization is required for entertainers to make them specialize in their each field. It means the entertainment industry should establish the system to prevent wrong entertainers from intruding professional artists’ job in each field. And it should protect capable, sincere entertainers as artists from monopolization by famous, corrupt entertainers & management companies pursuing only money. For example, doctors in the same major field work in departmentalized subjects of medical treatment based on their specialty to improve their professional skill and focus on what they are really good at it.

Strict system is required to prevent famous celebrities with wrong mindset from pursuing commercial advertisements to earn big money easily. Professional models for Commercial AD would better be provided by model agencies. Model agencies should have advanced professionalism and system to educate and manage commercial models and fashion models respectively with rational & transparent pay system.

Celebrities like entertainers, sportsmen and moguls should be cast in a limited amount of commercial AD such as one a year with reasonable pay (current pay system is ridiculous and spoil them truly). I see famous athletes, moguls and entertainers are cast in so many different commercial advertisements and purchase buildings and estate most from this income, but I am questioning what their real job must be? What kind of virtue do they have to keep in their mind in life? What makes them spoiled? They make me think human beings are eventually pathetic slave of money.

Transparent System for Award and Ranking


In Korea, prizes and good rankings are often given to people who have fame apart from their true ability and sincere effort. Sometimes (?) entertainers receive a prize easily by manipulation with bribery stuff. Or they receive a prize for one production after a long hiatus, although they are people who still have to go a long way to improve their ability. The problem is that wrong & spoiled entertainers get a prize and their pays jump up high.

It secretly happens that rankings and awards are manipulated with bribery in the entertainment industry. Of course, the entertainment industry would deny it but it is really happening. They have to look back on their problems and find solutions upon fair & transparent system. Look around carefully!!! There are sincere entertainers as true artists who wait for their day for a long time with hard effort.


Open & transparent evaluation needs to be settled with experts including professional reviewers, critics and well experienced & indisputable artists, and should be disclosed publicly for the fair award and ranking.


Regarding entertainers, entertainers should have artistic & sincere mind, otherwise they are just dumb clowns on vain conceit. They should not forget that they are just one of elements in productions, and should not be treated like an owner of a big company with ridiculous & unfair pay which brings the corruption and breaks the balance in market. Most of all, they should have humble mind so that they are able to create and improve their true abilities from sincerity. Creativity, true effort and sincere & humble mindset should be taken into high consideration. True abilities are from true artistic mind and attitude.

Again! I would like to emphasize that they are not only the one who produces qualitative outcome or success. Production is like an orchestra producing beautiful music by each one of musicians and preparation with true efforts and well-planned management as a group.

Regarding the entertainment industry, they must put efforts with clear mind to discover true artists and futuristic developments for productions. Most of all, they have to come with transparent and fair structural system to make the industry balanced. And opportunities should be distributed fairy for potential & true artists in the long line and minor companies in the entertainment industry.

Regarding audiences, they tend to be brainwashed by mass media and follow wrong minded entertainers with fake images easily like dumb puppets on strings. Audiences should know that they are the one, who can spoil entertainers, or help spoiled & wrong minded entertainers have more chances and wealth and snatch jobs from true & sincere artists. 

Lastly, there are a variety of areas such as science, fine arts,  literature, and liberal arts and so on. We have to look around and give attention to a variety of areas for better developments and vision. The entertainment industry is not only the area people can enjoy and invest. We must develop our vision for better quality and future in a variety of areas.

Wake up! Time changes. So we have to step up to correct wrong things right with creative ideas!!!