Friday, May 22, 2015

Alice’s Suggestion for Puppy Vendors & Buyers

Recently, I had a strong impulse to have a ‘teacup puppy’, which is a smaller sized puppy than a regular size in same breed. But I realized I am not ready to have a puppy in my situation in reality so I gave up purchasing a puppy at very last minutes, although I found a puppy I fall in love with. Through this procedure I experienced bad things and found problems the pet industry has.

However, people looking for puppies have been so much increasing since there are a lot of lonely children and singles, etc. But the problem is that so many puppies are overflowing in market and abused by customers, breeders and sellers. Consequently, the government needs to spend a lot of money to support euthanasia on abandoned puppies by their selfish, immature owners.

So I would like to analyze what problems are in pet business as well as solutions by category for customers, vendors and government.

    Customers  (Problems with Customers)

I find many vendors sell 'teacup puppies' with high price in market and make customers misunderstand that ‘tea cup puppy’ is a very tiny, unique puppy fit in a tea cup, even after it is grown up. But I have to say that ‘tea cup puppy’ is just a smaller sized puppy than a regular size in same breed. But if there are tiny puppies weighing in about 800 g to 1 kg after growing up, these tiny puppies are abnormal genetically, and there are high chances they die faster than normal puppies, or gain disease easily because of weak immune system. Nevertheless many customers look for ‘tea cup puppy’ like a pretty doll with expensive price (normally $1,000~$5,000) By the way, I admit that I am one of pathetic customers looking for a tiny sized puppy with dolly face.

Literally, pathetic, strange customers like me who look for a tiny sized puppy with dolly face are all over world, especially in Japan and Korea. But the problem is that many breeders and sellers abuse puppies to fit in customers’ demand in market (I will explain how vendors abuse puppies in vendor’s part below).

However, if a puppy grows bigger or ugly different from a buyer’s expectation, some or many customers become disappointed with their puppies which don’t reach their expectation, and complain to vendors to return money or change to another tiny puppy. So many disputes are caused between vendors who try to earn money with ‘tea cup puppy’ and customers who look for ‘tea cup puppy'.

On top of that, in reality, many puppy owners abandon puppies with excuses 'puppies are barking so much, or don’t piss in the right place, or owners gain a new born baby so they don’t need a puppy, or puppies have disease but owners cannot afford to pay for treatment, blah blah…' Moreover, many selfish owners throw puppies on streets or give it to another person but at the end puppies become a vulnerable orphan after being so much hurt by selfish human beings.

I have to shout out to customers including myself who want to have puppies, “you have to know that puppies have the spirit like human beings and they have emotions they can feel in their mind like human beings. Trust me! They have emotions and feelings like human beings, although they don’t have intelligence like human beings. Remember! Puppy is not a toy; Puppy is a creature with life and feeling. See yourself deeply whether you are really ready to take care of a puppy like a baby, and envision your future with a puppy rationally before purchasing it. Don’t be dragged by your impulse. Your impulse spoils vendors in market”

    Customers  (Solutions  for Customers)

For customers, I would like to suggest what customers should consider before they purchase a puppy.

            If you are a person who wants to raise a puppy for the first time, consider about having a fish or hamster stuff first, then if you think you are really ready to take care of a puppy, purchase it. But you have to take responsibility for a puppy no matter it becomes bigger or ugly after growing up because we don’t know how it grows. For example, some person’s baby used to be so pretty but when the baby grows up, becomes ugly and big. So is it right for a person to throw a child away because a pretty baby grows ugly and big?

            I have to point out that puppies usually grow up until 6 months to 8 months. If there are vendors who say this puppy won’t grow up any more, for sure they lie to customers to sell a puppy with expensive price. Try to purchase more than 4 month old puppy which is almost finished vaccinations so that you can avoid any problems with puppy’s health after you bring it home.

            Most vendors fabricate breed registry(studbook) and cheat on customers 'this puppy is purebred' to receive high price. Don’t trust vendors so much. The important thing is whether you share feelings with a puppy you choose or not. Purebred should not be a priority unless you have a plan to show your puppy to the dog show or beauty competition.

            Don’t purchase any pets online. Most pet vendors online use Photoshop program to make pets’ look much better than actual look. Visit breeders or sellers in person to see puppies and try to share feelings with puppies while you are there; then find one you feel connection with. If you really love a puppy, for sure you are able to share feeling and feel connection with a puppy.

            Pets need training by their owners. For example, urine, poop, less barking, manners, etc. Customers who want to have a pet have to learn and study how to train their pet. Don’t purchase any pets without knowledge on pets.

            You should know as customers, beware of price in pet industry since price is like a rubber string at vendor’s discretion. pet’s price should be evaluated by clean environment where pets are, health care(checkup and vaccination), pet cleaning, training by vendors, systematic quality of service from vendors (refer to my solution for vendors below), typical feature(each breed of puppies has their own typical feature like length of legs, shape of tail, nose shape, etc)

     Vendors  (Problems with Vendors)

Many vendors abuse pets to sell in market with high price. Overall problems are as below.

            Since there are many customers who look for ‘teacup puppy’, many vendors produce baby puppies by giving injections to mother puppies to stop breast feeding to prevent baby puppies from growing up.

            Vendors gain puppy babies from mother puppies prior to due date by cesarean to have tiny puppies and cheat customers with fake teacup puppy

            Vendors abuse pretty female puppies to have babies in a row for sale until mother puppies die in the small cage.

            Vendors separate baby puppies too early from mother puppies, and sell it before baby puppies even have some level of immunity. Moreover vendors lie about puppy’s’ age. For example, 30 day old puppy turns to be 2 month old puppy for sale. Consequently, so many disputes are caused between vendors and customers because young puppies which don’t have immunity die or get disease after they are adopted.

            Vendors provide puppies with tiny bit of meals to save their expense, and make puppies seemingly look like ‘teacup puppy’

            Vendors fabricate breed registry(studbook) and lie to customers that puppies are purebred to ask for the high price.

            Vendors usually treat puppies as lifeless items and don’t usually care about puppy’s feeling, health, cleaning and environment. Many vendors focus on only earning money. When I see how vendors treat puppies and customers, I know what kind of vendors they are behind their fake smile.

    Vendors (Solutions for Vendors)

There are many people who want to have pets. So quality of service and system is required in pet industry as well as pet vendors should specialize in pet care. So I would like to share my ideas for advanced pet industry as below.

            Pet vendors need a certificate or license to prove they specialize in pet care and necessary knowledge for pets. Pet care certificate includes pet grooming, pet training, clean environment for pets, necessary knowledge about pet’s health care, etc.

            Vendors should have patience and gentle manners with customers to maintain long term relationship and viral marketing by customers. I know there are really strange customers a lot and how difficult it is to deal with a variety of customers’ demands. But vendors should study a case by case from their experience how to cope with different types of customers with patience (I know it is the hardest thing to deal with). Don’t be aggressive or hot and quick tempered with customers, it will only ruin your business.

            Specific conditions on contract for customers are really important to avoid any possible disputes. If there are vendors or customers who think detailed conditions on contract are unnecessary procedure, they are ignorant and will face disputes for sure. When I see conditions on contract vendors present to customers are so shallow so that is why there are a lot of disputes between customers and vendors. Specific conditions and explanations are required on contract regarding below elements at least.

*  Payment and Refund ─ Detailed payment condition regarding deposit, full payment, refund, and term

*  Exchange Condition  specify in what conditions the exchange would be acceptable

Responsibility and Compensation specify detailed sorts of disease puppies possibly have and how much vendors can cover it and how to cover it and term in detail not to make customers confused if they meet problems with their pet.

*  Pets Size and Appearance Vendors must explain to customers both by verbal and written contract that puppies can grow until 6 month to 8 month and there are some possibility to grow bigger and different look, although puppies are purebred. Dont make customers expect too high regarding future appearance of pets.

            Rational Price
I find that price in pet industry is irrational and unreasonable. Many vendors set prices on pets at their own discretion without any firm standard. For example, some vendors ask price for a puppy $4,500, and reduce to $2,500 in negotiation, but the reason they ask that much price is due to small size or purebred stuff. When customers request a breed registry since puppy is so expensive, vendors request additional $100 to make a breed registry. But I heard most vendors fabricate breed registry on pets. Therefore, rational price need to be set with conditions as below to make customers understand with price. If vendors follow below conditions for pets, then they deserve to mark up prices with their high quality of service both for pets and customers. I think if the price is higher on pets, less people will abandon their pets, and they will consider more seriously when they purchase pets. In my observation, customers tend to choose well treated pets and high quality of service and system no matter the price is if they really want to have pets. The higher price is, the more customers tend to think it is valuable. For your reference, in America, ugly puppies in crossbred are also so much expensive.

            For High Quality of Service and System

Clean and Neat Environment for Pets
Vendors should have ideas on how to make a place homey for puppies and customers within their budget. For example, I heard if puppies are put in the same cage together, any disease can be transmitted to puppies. So my suggestion is to set up a small play ground for puppies and customers observation, and regularly put a group of healthy puppies in the playground to play together or learn how to play with other puppies at designated time in turn. So puppies dont have to be lonely in the small cage or fence. Also, customers can observe what kind of puppy is their favor.

*  Wash and Groom Puppies
Vendors should wash and groom puppies everyday in turn by breed. For example, wash and groom two or three puppies in a day; and the next day, do with different puppies, etc. Make this daily routine in work. So vendors are always ready to show clean and well groomed puppies to customers. It is another strategy to appeal to customers with clean puppies. In my experience, when I visited vendors shops, puppies were dirty and breeders treated puppies like lifeless items; nevertheless vendors asked for a very high price.

*  Video Post Online for Customers
Post a video online for customers to check each puppys condition and movement. A video is more believable than pictures.

*  Health Care for Puppies with a Record
Let a veterinarian check up pets health and give vaccination regularly. Vendors should keep each pets health record with a veterinarians sign in some kind of chart or journal. And present customers with a record of pets health. When I see vendors, they never present pets health record, even they lie about pets date of birth. Health record should have the date of birth as well as a list of vaccinations pets have with veterinarians sign on each section in journal.

            Additional Profits for Pet Business

*  Pet Items
Create additional profits from selling items pets really need, so when customers purchase any pet, they dont have to worry about pets necessary items like food, bath products, etc. Especially, it is not good for pets if pets food is changed after being adopted. So vendors who sell pets would better sell pet items together to customers.

*  Training Class for Customers
So many customers purchase pets without knowledge on how to train and raise pets, and go through trial and error with their pet. Unfortunately, many customers abandon pets with a variety of excuses after failure of pet training. Provide pet training class for customers either by online or offline with charge. Recommend customers to complete pet training class; then purchase a pet. Customers should pay for a deposit to reserve a pet first and they can purchase a pet after completing the training class containing how to make a pet piss in the designated place, how to wash and groom pets and control barking stuff, etc. Vendors should not focus on only earning money; they have to specialize in pet care to satisfy customers with their high quality of service and system.

    Solution for Government

Government should know that a lot of pets are abandoned by customers. The more pet vendors and customers are increasing, the more pets are abandoned and abused by vendors and customers because human beings are so malicious and sly more than people normally think.

            Restrict vendors if they don’t have a certificate or license specializing in pet care

            Animal center or organization run by a government should supervise and visit pet shops and kennels regularly whether vendors keep regulations for pets or not, or abuse pets or not. (Regulation: pet health and environment)

            Restrict oversupply of pets by strict regulations to prevent customers and vendors from abandoning and abusing pets, so government will less spend money for euthanasia on abandoned pets.

            Establish a law on penalty and confinement in prison if anyone abuse pets(animals)

In conclusion;

Any businesses require knowledge, skills, and diligent effort, not only pet business. But pet business is dealing with life of pets. Pets have life; they are not “lifeless toy”. Therefore vendors should be thoughtful and sincere with their business and customers. I would like to advise that pet vendors should try to earn money from their business by providing quality of service & system and ideas for pets and customers, not by amount of pets. Finally, customers will be yours and you will be a winner in pet market. Lastly, whoever want to have pets or already have pets, they should treat pets like a family or precious life, not lifeless toy to fill their loneliness or curiosity.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Alice’s View on Happiness

I would like to talk about my view on happiness. I know people have different perspective on happiness. That person’s happiness might not work for another person. So it could be a hard subject to define what happiness is. But I am open to share about what my happiness is.

I know happiness is from our mind so we can find happiness in our mind if we are able to control our mind to accept situations and matters with positive attitude; furthermore it will be much better if we are able to take advantage of situations and matters no matter what kind of situations we are in. Unfortunately, it is really hard to control our mind so that is why human beings have agony, despair, loneliness, etc…

I think life of human beings is double sided; that means good things happen, then bad things happen, too. Two different sides always come together like a couple in life. Although there are people who seem to have everything and look happy, they must have suffered from another side(bad things) in life because life has a balance between two different sides.

In this materialistic and corrupt capitalism, many people think money is all about, and people who live on wealth and honor could be the definition of happiness. But if we follow the materialistic definition of happiness, I know nothing can fill our mind. Only loneliness and emptiness will manipulate our mind to feel fake happiness which is not true.

I would say my happiness is from tranquility in mind, and effort with passion, familys loving, healthy smile, etc; well… my happiness looks nothing special. But I find my happiness is from trifling things in ordinary life. In fact, I am a person who is shaken by situations and matters sensitively because I have high sensitivity as well as social anxiety. This kind of things gets into my nerves often or not, but I am used to it because I have lived my entire life with these issues. I don’t mean that I have no problem at all with my issues, but I try to have positive mind to overcome it.

Many people think I, Alice could be very lonely as an experimental status (?) in eyes of public and open observation, but I try to find happiness from my inner side. I think my happiness is more introverted than extroverted. Of course, as one of human beings I feel lonely when I feel totally isolated from everything or I cannot come up with any ideas or plans to motivate myself. In that respect, I have to say loving relationships (family or friends..), goals & plans with passion, or anything motivating myself makes me feel happy.

However, the rate of suicide is increasing in world. There must be a variety of reasons depending on people’s mental issues, but some reasons come from inferiority and fear for ambiguous future. But these negative feelings are affected by wrong modern system that chances and benefits tend to incline to people who have money and wealthy background. And discrimination causes a big gap by materialistic society system. Wealthy people have more benefits; conversely, poor and vulnerable people have to take more burdens in society. This kind of discrimination drives weak & vulnerable people to the corner and makes them nowhere to reach.

Also, people evaluate people by what they have in the materialistic way all over. In this materialistic capitalism, relationships often form upon money, and most disputes are caused by money, though. There is no sincere, true hearts to trust when I look into human beings’ deep heart. Human beings are becoming very much calculative and sly. That being said, human beings will be more alienated from true happiness and deluded by fake happiness that will not last long.

Another problem in this period is lack of conversations in relationships. I find mechanical systems dominate life of human beings. Everywhere people make conversations through small device, or computer. Even young children also depend on mechanical device and computer for game, chat, etc. Warming conversations and warming gatherings with sincere heart is disappearing. This world is becoming very cold and mechanical. People become very individualistic, and their heart is getting so cold like a robot. Stephen Hawking, who is British theoretical physicist and cosmologist, also forecasts this world will be dominated by A.I. (artificial intelligence-robots) in the future.

I believe the suicide rate will be dramatically increasing in the future because lonely heart will be increasing in this cold, materialistic world. Eventually, happiness of human beings will be destroyed by materialistic, individualistic, mechanical, contaminated world. Therefore, our efforts to find happiness inside our mind with humility will be very important because it will teach us how to control our vulnerable mind shaken by this corrupt system in world.

Frankly, I am a person who has concern, anxiety, or anger all human beings feel in life because I am imperfect as other human beings. So I know I have to discipline myself continuously how to be happy in my mind to stand up against storms I will face in life as other human beings.

Lastly, I would like to share some quote I like most, “if we cannot change situations or matters, change our attitude to see it in the positive way.”

Alice’s quotes for Happiness
  Happiness depends upon ourselves – Aristotle
  The secret to enjoying life is to be thankful for what each day brings
  It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness Charles Spurgeon
  Happiness is acceptance
  Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are.
      ♥  If you cannot change it, change your attitude.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Alice’s View on 'Lookism'

I would like to share my thought about ‘lookism’. This word might be unfamiliar to some people. ‘Lookism’ is a term used to refer to the positivestereotypes, ‘prejudice, and preferential treatment given to physically attractive people, or more generally to people whose appearance matches cultural preferences” ─ Wikipedia

First, I need to talk about an aspect of human beings before my view on ‘lookism’. Human beings are used to evaluating people by what they see from outer part in the fixed frame. Moreover, they are brainwashed easily by trend, fad and anything mass media, society, cultural system generate. It is same fact that human beings believe green is green, 1 is 1, etc; and religious people believe only their God is true and have a boundary against other religions; major people in a group say she is the standard of beauty, the rest people in a group become brainwashed and used to thinking she is the standard of beauty, too. I think brain function of human beings gets programmed by cultural, society system and whatever systems in world generate. It is turning in the same way again, again in the circle.

Regarding ‘lookism,’ numerous people in Korea have plastic surgery to look better because they have an unnecessary inferiority; even get obsessed by their vain conceit to look perfect. If they cannot afford to have plastic surgery, they borrow money from private moneylenders, etc.

Public places like subways and any crowded places are covered with numerous advertisements of cosmetic surgery. I do feel an impulse whenever I see advertisements, “I want to undergo cosmetic surgery and look beautiful like women in advertisements”. How pathetic thought I have that I want to have cosmetic surgery like artificial, vain looking women in advertisements and get allured by materialistic advertisements seeking money. In fact, these unnecessary inferiority and vain conceit are input by wrong society system dyeing with materialism and spoiled aspects of view.

I still remember some guest on TV program made a remark last year, “numerous people have cosmetic surgery nowadays, so why don’t we make cosmetic surgery as a cultural business rather than criticize on that? Then, we’d better make foreigners in other countries come to Korea for cosmetic surgery so that Korea can make money.” I was dumbfounded by her shallow comment, but more stupid thing is… a T.V host gave credits to her comment. The reason many people want to have cosmetic surgery is, in fact, from their inferiority based on vain conceit; and people’s inferiority is planted by the wrong society system that tends to evaluate people by what they see from outer part rather than inner part. If anyone thinks cosmetic surgery should be a cultural business, it only boosts wrong society system and people who put weight on materialistic things from outer part.

However, AGAIN~!!!  
I have to give my view on reality of entertainment industry regarding ‘lookism’ because ordinary people are so much easily enthusiastic and affected by entertainers and mass media. I see the mass media often gives more credits to beautiful appearance rather than true ability from sincere mindset. Consequently, chances are often given to people who have beautiful, artificial appearance on vain conceit rather than true capable people with good & firm mindset in entertainment industry. In result, entertainers tend to feel pressure on their appearance and focus on how look better than how improve their ability in work. It looks like entertainers compete for their appearance rather than true ability from sincere mindset. 

Therefore, spoiled entertainers on vain conceit who don’t have true ability and sincere mindset can get wealth and chances easily in the entertainment industry if they have pretty good looking, money, connection, full of arrogance wrapping with fame. There are wrong, arrogant, spoiled entertainers a lot living upon fame and van conceit without true ability and sincere mindset. It is like giving delicious cakes to materialistic, arrogant pigs lying on the gold bed in the entertainment industry. Although there are true entertainers as an artist, those sincere people’s portion is smaller than spoiled entertainers depending on their appearance and vain conceit. Even wrong entertainers gain huge enormous money without true effort and ability because the wrong system based on ‘lookism and fame’ spoils entertainers and entertainment business. Consequently, the balance in entertainment industry is broken, important priority is getting forgotten, and systems are getting spoiled. Most of all, this corrupt, spoiled system influences society system, too.

Needless to say, people who tend to be enthusiastic and influenced by wrong entertainers and mass media help corruption, and spoil system because an audience eventually gives fame and wealth to entertainers. An audience tends to be easily brainwashed and influenced by what the mass media generate whether it is right or not. Human beings usually cannot see the truth. They just follow it like a puppet on the string. Audience should not be a slave of mass media; they have to be an owner of mass media. The reason I often give an example of mass media is, it is getting very powerful to influence people and society. Mass media is one of sources that swirls society system and even brainwashes people in society.

I don’t try to criticize ‘lookism’ or cosmetic surgery stuff. I am criticizing about the wrong system which makes wrong things right and superior. I strongly feel that people need to cut the string binding them to be controlled by mass media. People should try to hold wisdom to see what is right and what is wrong.

After all, true ability is from good and sincere mindset, not from appearance. People’s uniqueness, true ability, creativity, sincerity, integrity and humility should be priority rather than ‘lookism’ and materialism. People including me should not be a slave of wrong people, wrong system and temptation in world; we have to be an owner of them.

Additionally, The more richer and popular people are, the more humble they should be not to lose their spirit to devil's temptation. When people are humble, at least they are able to see themselves.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Alice's 2014 Craft Work

I would like to share my craft work I have done in 2014'. But first, I want to start with my personal feeling I had to go through before jumping into my 2014' craft work.

A new year is already around corner. So many things have been going around me in my life.
I could catch what has been going around me by my high sensitivity without hearing and seeing. Consequently, I also had to suffer from hurt feelings by ugly, shallow people and situation. Nevertheless, I have kept going on with my study, project, and task, although I am in an awkward situation. 

I know I made so many people angry by my comments through somebody; but I wanted to shout out to people what my high sensitivity and intuition caught up against wrong things including corrupt, rotten, shallow people and society while I do my task hard I have given to myself.

Some people mocked at me because I don't seem to do anything but talking about specific people, society, and my feeling through somebody. People might ask me you hurt people by your comments, too. But I truly could see rotten corruption from some specific people and society with my clear mind, so I had to take advantage of this awkward situation to speak up, while so many people have underestimated, criticized and mocked at me. 

Even, my personal information and private stuff, almost everything have been disclosed publicly. But I close my eyes about all disclosure about me that makes me even ashamed so that I can speak up to corrupt, rotten people who have to feel ashamed, too. My all comments on specific people are not from my bad intention or personal emotion at all. No matter, I had to speak up about them on behalf of weak, vulnerable people in society; otherwise, I knew rotten people never be aware of what kind of people they are, and wrong things and systems in society won't change forever. I need to step up with issues.

What I can do in my situation that I cannot really open my door bravely? Even, I am not sure I can ever forgive people because I have been so much hurt by wrong rumors, harsh critics, mockery, misunderstanding on me that are not true. Those are truly different aspect from what I had to shout to rotten corrupt people and systems my strong intuition have caught throughout years. 

People really don't know what my high sensitivity is like because they have never been in my shoes to feel me. So many people have made big mistakes to me indiscreetly.

Regarding my comments on specific people and situations, I would never regret what I did and spoke toward bad people and society. And I would never feel sorry to them who were on my black list because I did right things, and they are people who have to feel ashamed of themselves and no more luck to them any more.

Finally, I would like to show my craft work and stationery stuff I design. 
But I made so many things this year of  2014' as last year, while I had to go through so much hurt feelings. 

So I just link the each site that my passion and effort has. Truly, I can say my work has my passion, love, and sincerity. I hope you enjoy it.

*Fabric Doll Design

My doll portfolio site:

My dolls are made by 100% hand sewing of mine.

Whenever I see my lovely dolls displayed in my home makes me happy and bright in my mind. Moreover, cute dolly smile makes me peaceful and soothes my anger.

*Dolly Stationery Design

My dolly stationery design:
(I will post my dolly illust from time to time on this site)

While my fabric dolls are more and more taking up my space, I decided to limit to making fabric dolls, instead I try to express my dolly sense on my stationery illust. I think my dolly sense is overflowing as if I have dolly shops in my mind.

*Fabric Items

I had to extract some items I made this year from many small items. Whenever I need items for my use like cushion, pouch, small curtain, and so on, I try to make what I need myself. 

Owl Cushion

Dolly Shopper Bag

Felt Charm

Double pouch 

Two zippered pouches are sewn together, so I can put my items by category in each pouch

Kitchen Hand Towel

Kitchen Shelf Curtain

* Ribbon Art

I make my hair pins or flower decor stuff myself. 



My craft work will go on continuously. Frankly I do whatever I can find my passion.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alice's Art Therapy

I would like to introduce my art therapy that I can analyze my mental state.

Recently, I found some of music I can enjoy, but colors of music I indulge in are so different respectively. So I decide to paint what I feel while I listen to separate music so that I can analyze my mental state based on art and music. I think what I paint on canvas, and what kind of music I listen to express my emotion in my mind and who I am.

However, I like YouTube stars “ThePianoGuys” & “Lindsey Stirling.” I enjoy watching their performance on YouTube. But I know my taste will soon change to Christmas music because I like Christmas song and mood.

In addition, I painted on a tablet by using Corel painter X, instead of actual canvas and paints.

♥ ThePianoGuys "Christina Perri-A Thousand Years"

The tranquil forest scene in the video makes me think I used to be there a long time ago for some reason, maybe in my childhood dream...? Anyway, I wanted to express my feeling on the painting that I am in beautiful nature and fresh air, and dancing in peace. I expressed tranquil, calm happiness from pureness on my painting. But I know my painting looks a bit lonely because a girl is dancing alone and only one home is on the painting. Anyway I didn't like a busy scenery in my painting; or I might feel my limit to paint more complicated scenery.

ThePianoGuys Ants Marching/Ode to Joy”

Recently, I had some kind of angers in my mind. But when I decided to stay in positivity and forgive something; all of sudden, I felt some big stone in my mind was got ridden of. Then, unconsciously I kept listening to this music below. When I listened to this music, I felt the music seemed to congratulate me on solving problems in my mind. So I wanted to express harmony in angels’ ensemble and rainbow in the sunny day in my painting.

Lindsey Stirling Stars Align”

Music video shows universe and a girl playing a violin. This music motivated me to paint mysterious universe and also talk about my theory I have kept deep inside my mind. But I don't get too much into my theory, but sometimes.

First, before I go into my theory, I would like to point out that you would better be open minded to listen to me instead of locking yourself in the boring, small fixed frame. I think people only try to believe and accept what they used to learn and be brainwashed since they were born. So human beings are very much used to thinking “one is one, red is red”. People are unable to see beyond what they see, hear, believe and learn. Somehow, I think human beings are like a puppet on the string in the small frame.

My theory is that there are a lot of black holes in universe as we all know, but I think there must be white holes beyond black holes, too. There might be advanced civilization in another side of universe. Moreover, they can reach any planets with their advanced technology which makes them stand extremely high pressure when they go through black holes.

I even think God we used to know in our bible could be aliens from another side of universe. Long time ago, ancestors on earth were so ignorant so they thought aliens from sky were their God who could save them.

And I think spirit is like a host, in another world, when human being dies, a “host” which we used to know as “spirit” is planted to another experimental life by aliens or disposed of in universe.

In addition, if you know my story, you will know whom I am talking about. Well… I feel like I talk with a descendant of aliens who still has a very tiny fraction of ability aliens have.

Don’t you think people depend too much on human knowledge?

Lindsey Stirling Roundtable Rival”

When I watch this music on YouTube, I want to be a woman who wins over bank robberies in video. Moreover, powerful beats, strong sound and a battle in this music video makes me want to trample upon bad people I hate, and I become a winner over them. At least I can imagine I become a winner over bad, rotten people my high sensitivity has caught, while I listen to this music.

In that respect, I like rock music which has strong beats and sound because I feel power deep inside me for a moment.

Why don’t you have your free time on one of weekends to analyze your mental state by drawing with music you are currently stuck in? If you are not really good at drawing, you can express your feeling over music with line and dot; then, your drawing will tell you what you have in your mind and where you are in life.

P.S: By the way, have you well enjoyed my private information and some of my habits or pattern disclosed by I.A in Korea? Haven't you evaluated me within your limit? (You know what I am talking about if you know me)