Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alice's 2015 Craft Work

New Year is right around corner. And I have to admit again I gained another age. Nevertheless I am embracing New Year with fresh mind. My resolution for next year is “exercise” for health and daily routine by strict time table which can be difficult to carry out because I failed in 2015’, but I will try again with fresh mind. 

Anyhow, I would like to share pictures of my crafts I have made in the year of 2015.
(only photos for accessories and fabric items)
In addition, you can see my doll crafts on
My graphic illustration and drawings with colored pencil on
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I  hope you have a happy new year with good resolution~

*Jewelry & Hair Accessories 

*Fabric Items

Fabric Charms

Elephant Cushion

Sewing Kit Cushion (Sewing Organizer)

Feminine Pouch with Strap

Baby Blow-fish Pouch

Cat Pencil Pouch

Rolling Pouch for Colored Pencils

Krinex Tissue Box Cover

Owl Foldable Shopping Bag made of Synthetic Leather

Fauxdori (Journal Cover of Midori Style)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Alice’s Suggestion on Spoiled System of Entertainment Industry

Finally, I decide to talk about serious problems of the entertainment industry because I think the entertainment industry is one of places that are getting so corrupt and spoiled. For a long time, I strongly have felt that a lot of unprepared, vain minded entertainers gain fame and wealth easily by fake images, unfair chances, bribery and spoiled relationships with rich people in a corrupt way.

Literally, a lot of entertainers become corrupt, spoiled and haughty like people who become rich all of sudden by gambling or speculation; and their life are filled with bragging their materialistic life to public to hide where they came from and low level of quality in mind. 

Also, there are many people hanging on a string like a puppet and ignore problems and just follow. That is why corrupt, rotten people and system continuously survive with contaminated success and wealth.

Last time, I brought a similar subject regarding corruption of the entertainment industry. (
But this time, I will approach straight forward in a different way and point out boldly what is really wrong with broken, spoiled system in the entertainment industry with my suggestion.

1. Unbalanced Opportunities


First, the entertainment industry’s big problem is no transparent, structural system when it comes to opportunities like casting. Current ambiguous system gradually spoils the entertainment industry. It is one of reasons that spoiled, arrogant, incapable people can accumulate enormous wealth and opportunities unreasonably by fake images, bribery and corrupt & rich sponsors without true effort, sincerity, humility and creative capability, while sincere, potential entertainers as artists commit a suicide for poverty or get pushed to the corner to give up their dream by unfair balance and discrimination.

Second, a monopoly by major management and production companies and famous entertainers in this industry is the biggest problem. In fact, the monopoly by big companies and celebrities are caused by users who pursue their tail for money like gambling.

In addition, corruption like bribery, manipulation on ranking, award, casting etc. has happened in the entertainment industry. Whenever this kind of corruption floats on the surface, big capacity of management companies pretend they have never gone through corruption, and try to blame on minor companies. In fact, they have been making a wrong path in a corrupt way for a long time. When companies get bigger in capacity, they become corrupt and spoiled and get used to covering corruption so well; moreover they buy corrupt relations such as the corrupt police, rich sponsors, powerful authorities, lawyers, and accountants to save them whenever problems float on the surface. 

Lastly, wrong society and audiences’ poor mindset tend to evaluate entertainers’ ability by “lookism-appearance and fake images” This kind of wrong evaluation spoils the entertainment industry, though. I know human beings tend to be brainwashed and follow in environment like puppets psychologically; but it causes unbalance and corruption.


Chances and opportunities should be given to entertainers and companies fairly regardless of their fame and capacity in the transparent system not to lose true gemstones in dust.

Notify licensed management companies including minor companies for auditions with some specific conditions on each role they look for, since a lot of potential people are waiting for their chances. But any companies trying to use bribery stuff should be excluded and reported to the police if possible.

No matter they are famous or not, they should go through open auditions with fair evaluation for qualitative production. But jurors have to get rid of prejudice not to see people’s fame.

Audition jurors should include directors, producers, scenario writers, and undisputed & aged entertainers as artists (they have vision from their sincere mindset)

Journalists should pursue to find and write about sincere & prepared entertainers as artists from underground to make directors and companies to stretch their hands to them rather than pursue famous entertainers’ tails for money. I mean “balance” on their job is important.

2. Transparent and Rational Pay System


First, I have observed when entertainers become famous all of sudden by their fake images made in some commercial AD, drama, movie, or marketing, their pay jumps to the sky according to their fame and become very spoiled and arrogant inside their mind same as pathetic people become rich all of sudden by speculation or gambling, then they get lost themselves, live on vain conceit and try to hide where they came from and actual quality in mind.

Second, pay structure for entertainers is so broken, unbalanced, opaque, and unreasonable. Currently, entertainers’ pay is decided by their fame regardless of their true ability and a period of experiences in actual work. A fake images made by mass media has become hot selling in market. But the problem is that sincere, capable artists in the entertainment industry receive far less pay than incapable, spoiled entertainers living upon their fame, fake images, vain conceit and arrogance. Also, these arrogant, vain minded entertainers raise up their pay unreasonably under the name of fame and break the balance in the industry.

Third, when productions don’t reach the break-even point and go into deficit, the pay is only given to top roles who are “rich celebrity”; and other general roles and staff don’t get their pay. In fact, most problems were caused by depending upon celebrity’s fame and taking a risk of hiring famous celebrities for their production out of their budget, although famous celebrities lack in reaching the level of digesting roles. For example, a musical production company hired Idol pop singers with enormous pay out of their budget, but ended up being on the verge of bankruptcy and couldn’t pay to other roles and staff while they paid high to famous idol pop singers who are in lack of abilities in comparison with professional musical actors. Movie and drama production has not been exceptional in this situation.


Transparent pay system by fair evaluation
Entertainment pay system should evaluate entertainers by their period of experiences, true capability, undisputed achievements and sincere effort, not by fame from fake delusion which spoils entertainers. The entertainment industry would better invest money for more futuristic development of qualitative production rather than enormous pay to famous entertainers who tend to become arrogant and so much rotten and lose their sincere mindset once they get fame.

Incentive pay system according to profit of production
Fair incentive system is required to block corrupt and arrogant entertainers who try to contaminate pay system. It is fair for entertainers to receive incentive pay according to profit of production based on the percentage of allotment the entertainment industry settles in the structural system. But there is a trap that corrupt, spoiled entertainers can abuse the incentive pay system to fit their favor under the name of fame. So there should be a firm standard what percentage of the incentive from profits can be allotted to each role such as leading roles, supporting roles, general roles, minor roles, etc. according to profits of production. Again, it makes sense that entertainers should be paid according to fair incentive system.

Guarantee pay
Transparent & structural system on guarantee pay should be settled. Entertainers including extras in roles need to be secure when they are hired for any productions. So the guarantee pay system needs to be settled with firm & reasonable standard based upon their career by length of experiences, awards & achievements, and hard level of roles they play, etc. I have to point out that entertainers are not special people who have special abilities in comparison with other professions. But the current guarantee pay system is ridiculously unreasonable in comparison with other professions and true efforts.

3. Professional Departmentalization to Protect True Artists


First, production and advertisers tend to depend on entertainers’ vain fame, and hire famous celebrities with enormous pay regardless of their professional field

For example, famous singers who have clumsy acting skills are cast in soap operas as a leading role; idol pop singers casting in musicals; comedians & actresses & actors & singers casting for voice dubbing for movies. But they far fall behind from professional artists who are supposed to be there when it comes to true capability to digest actual task.

There are capable artists who specialize in each field as a singer, actor & actress, musical artist, comedian, voice dubbing artist, etc, but how can it be allowed that unprofessional people from different fields take up professional, capable people’s jobs in the entertainment industry?

I would like to emphasize that “specialty” in each field is important; and the entertainment industry should protect capable & sincere entertainers as artists from monopolization by famous celebrities and major management companies.

Second, pathetic & famous entertainers focus on seeking to be cast as a model in commercial advertisements to earn big money easily to fill their materialistic life and spoiled mind.

Regarding commercial AD which spoils famous celebrities, advertisers should know that true brand value to compete in worldwide brand market is from creativity, uniqueness, competitive quality of products. They would better invest money to develop superior products and creative & unique marketing ideas to go into international market and broaden their brand value rather than stick to an old & stereotyped advertising way depending on celebrities’ fame and image. I would like to speak up to advertisers that “Clear your brain and mind to see what makes you contaminate in the narrow vision. Explore your creativity and differentiated vision and uniqueness”

Also I have to emphasize that products itself have to be a brand image, but I often observe that images of famous celebrities tend to dominate products and brand images and become a company’s brand image which can be a poison.

By the way, is it only creative ideas for commercial AD to trace famous celebrity’s images to introduce products; or shallow and blond looking celebrity in a sexy bikini eating a hamburger; or artificial looking celebrity with a big hip implant in a sexy wardrobe like a Las Vegas hooker introducing a mobile?

Pathetic & uncreative advertisers would excuse that many fans of celebrities would purchase products if celebrities are models on commercial AD. Advertisers are the one of them who spoils the market and customers’ attitude with lack of vision. That kind of advertisers’ mindset is from uncreative and easy going attitude to depend on celebrities’ fame. Come on! Come with advanced, creative, unique ideas to represent products and brand image and get out of old, tacky, superficial, stereotyped advertising way!!!!  Creative & capable advertisers never depend on “celebrity’s image”.

When products are well made and creative, we tend to relate products with a brand & company first like “Apple – Mac computer” Commercial AD should be created to make potential customers immediately connect images of products with a brand image, not a celebrity image.


Structural departmentalization is required for entertainers to make them specialize in their each field. It means the entertainment industry should establish the system to prevent wrong entertainers from intruding professional artists’ job in each field. And it should protect capable, sincere entertainers as artists from monopolization by famous, corrupt entertainers & management companies pursuing only money. For example, doctors in the same major field work in departmentalized subjects of medical treatment based on their specialty to improve their professional skill and focus on what they are really good at it.

Strict system is required to prevent famous celebrities with wrong mindset from pursuing commercial advertisements to earn big money easily. Professional models for Commercial AD would better be provided by model agencies. Model agencies should have advanced professionalism and system to educate and manage commercial models and fashion models respectively with rational & transparent pay system.

Celebrities like entertainers, sportsmen and moguls should be cast in a limited amount of commercial AD such as one a year with reasonable pay (current pay system is ridiculous and spoil them truly). I see famous athletes, moguls and entertainers are cast in so many different commercial advertisements and purchase buildings and estate most from this income, but I am questioning what their real job must be? What kind of virtue do they have to keep in their mind in life? What makes them spoiled? They make me think human beings are eventually pathetic slave of money.

Transparent System for Award and Ranking


In Korea, prizes and good rankings are often given to people who have fame apart from their true ability and sincere effort. Sometimes (?) entertainers receive a prize easily by manipulation with bribery stuff. Or they receive a prize for one production after a long hiatus, although they are people who still have to go a long way to improve their ability. The problem is that wrong & spoiled entertainers get a prize and their pays jump up high.

It secretly happens that rankings and awards are manipulated with bribery in the entertainment industry. Of course, the entertainment industry would deny it but it is really happening. They have to look back on their problems and find solutions upon fair & transparent system. Look around carefully!!! There are sincere entertainers as true artists who wait for their day for a long time with hard effort.


Open & transparent evaluation needs to be settled with experts including professional reviewers, critics and well experienced & indisputable artists, and should be disclosed publicly for the fair award and ranking.


Regarding entertainers, entertainers should have artistic & sincere mind, otherwise they are just dumb clowns on vain conceit. They should not forget that they are just one of elements in productions, and should not be treated like an owner of a big company with ridiculous & unfair pay which brings the corruption and breaks the balance in market. Most of all, they should have humble mind so that they are able to create and improve their true abilities from sincerity. Creativity, true effort and sincere & humble mindset should be taken into high consideration. True abilities are from true artistic mind and attitude.

Again! I would like to emphasize that they are not only the one who produces qualitative outcome or success. Production is like an orchestra producing beautiful music by each one of musicians and preparation with true efforts and well-planned management as a group.

Regarding the entertainment industry, they must put efforts with clear mind to discover true artists and futuristic developments for productions. Most of all, they have to come with transparent and fair structural system to make the industry balanced. And opportunities should be distributed fairy for potential & true artists in the long line and minor companies in the entertainment industry.

Regarding audiences, they tend to be brainwashed by mass media and follow wrong minded entertainers with fake images easily like dumb puppets on strings. Audiences should know that they are the one, who can spoil entertainers, or help spoiled & wrong minded entertainers have more chances and wealth and snatch jobs from true & sincere artists. 

Lastly, there are a variety of areas such as science, fine arts,  literature, and liberal arts and so on. We have to look around and give attention to a variety of areas for better developments and vision. The entertainment industry is not only the area people can enjoy and invest. We must develop our vision for better quality and future in a variety of areas.

Wake up! Time changes. So we have to step up to correct wrong things right with creative ideas!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Alice’s the Key of the Kingdom

I finished reading a book "the keys of the kingdom” written by A.J Cronin. So I would like to share what I think of the keys of the kingdom. Also I illustrated my impression using corel painter and colored pencils. The link as below to see my illustrations. 

How much this world would be shining in peace if people could have more humility and generosity to understand differences from each other on ideology, religion, sense of value, etc? But unfortunately, this world is so much dominated by rotten, corrupt people and system apart from differences to understand.

My high sensitivity keeps catching the way of human beings in world, 
-corrupt politicians with wrong ambition, 
-spoiled entertainers on vain conceit, 
-corrupt rich people and their spoiled, arrogant kids who think money is a tool for their fake success 
-a lot of greedy liars, 
-brainwashed religious people who are wrapped with wrong sense of belief, 
-pathetic, shallow minded people applauding and following corrupt, spoiled people and system, 
-evaluation by what they see in materialistic way (in fact, evaluation is often deluded by corrupt success, wealth, background, eloquent speaking with lying tongue).

There is getting difficult to find people like Pope Francis Chisholm in the book even among the so called “religious people”.  How pathetic human beings are... because human beings’ mind is covered with contaminated dusts they are not aware of.

I know neither do I have patience and angelic generosity, nor am I brave enough to step up against corrupt, spoiled people to protect pure ones like Pope Francis Chisholm. But at least I know what is true and fake; and what is right and wrong thanks to my high sensitivity. I never want to surrender to wrong people and system. But I am afraid to become like pathetic people who applaud and follow these wrong, corrupt people and system, too. I really don’t want to lose my sincere and pure heart in my life. Most of all, I want to have true wisdom.

Eventually, I have to let go like flowing water and I will do die and return to a handful of ashes like other human beings as the way it goes. And this world will be becoming worse and packed with contaminated people and corrupt systems, then finally end miserably. 

Frankly, I don’t have any lingering attachment to this corrupt, rotten world that stands up for wrong people and system. I don’t mean I am not happy at all with my life or anything. I keep trying to create my happiness in my mind in this corrupt world and accept the way it goes. But I just cannot embrace corrupt, spoiled, wrong people and system in this rotten world my high sensitivity catches. Frankly, it is difficult to close my eyes, ears, my transparent mind and pretend everything is fine.

No matter how it goes, I know I have to travel my life until my ship stops, although I don’t have any affection or attachment to this world. And I don’t have any regret of my life, too, even though I leave this world today because I have lived and will live with sincerity and pure heart continuously. I do suffer from my agony and hurt feelings from people and situations because I am vulnerable, so I need to be disciplined from my God to protect myself from bad people, situations, bad feelings, and temptations from devil.

After all, the key of the kingdom of heaven is in our mind. But the key to open the door of heaven in mind requires so much patience and disciplines from true God. When human beings are finally able to find the key hidden in mind, for sure they can open the door to bring peace and spread all over what they find deep in their mind. But in this corrupt, materialistic, rotten world, it is impossible to pull out the key in deep mind. In fact, human beings in this corrupt world cannot open the door of the heaven, although the key is right in our mind all the time because human beings are being brainwashed and controlled like puppets on strings by wrong, contaminated people and system in world.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Alice’s Suggestion for Puppy Vendors & Buyers

Recently, I had a strong impulse to have a ‘teacup puppy’, which is a smaller sized puppy than a regular size in same breed. But I realized I am not ready to have a puppy in my situation in reality so I gave up purchasing a puppy at very last minutes, although I found a puppy I fall in love with. Through this procedure I experienced bad things and found problems the pet industry has.

However, people looking for puppies have been so much increasing since there are a lot of lonely children and singles, etc. But the problem is that so many puppies are overflowing in market and abused by customers, breeders and sellers. Consequently, the government needs to spend a lot of money to support euthanasia on abandoned puppies by their selfish, immature owners.

So I would like to analyze what problems are in pet business as well as solutions by category for customers, vendors and government.

    Customers  (Problems with Customers)

I find many vendors sell 'teacup puppies' with high price in market and make customers misunderstand that ‘tea cup puppy’ is a very tiny, unique puppy fit in a tea cup, even after it is grown up. But I have to say that ‘tea cup puppy’ is just a smaller sized puppy than a regular size in same breed. But if there are tiny puppies weighing in about 800 g to 1 kg after growing up, these tiny puppies are abnormal genetically, and there are high chances they die faster than normal puppies, or gain disease easily because of weak immune system. Nevertheless many customers look for ‘tea cup puppy’ like a pretty doll with expensive price (normally $1,000~$5,000) By the way, I admit that I am one of pathetic customers looking for a tiny sized puppy with dolly face.

Literally, pathetic, strange customers like me who look for a tiny sized puppy with dolly face are all over world, especially in Japan and Korea. But the problem is that many breeders and sellers abuse puppies to fit in customers’ demand in market (I will explain how vendors abuse puppies in vendor’s part below).

However, if a puppy grows bigger or ugly different from a buyer’s expectation, some or many customers become disappointed with their puppies which don’t reach their expectation, and complain to vendors to return money or change to another tiny puppy. So many disputes are caused between vendors who try to earn money with ‘tea cup puppy’ and customers who look for ‘tea cup puppy'.

On top of that, in reality, many puppy owners abandon puppies with excuses 'puppies are barking so much, or don’t piss in the right place, or owners gain a new born baby so they don’t need a puppy, or puppies have disease but owners cannot afford to pay for treatment, blah blah…' Moreover, many selfish owners throw puppies on streets or give it to another person but at the end puppies become a vulnerable orphan after being so much hurt by selfish human beings.

I have to shout out to customers including myself who want to have puppies, “you have to know that puppies have the spirit like human beings and they have emotions they can feel in their mind like human beings. Trust me! They have emotions and feelings like human beings, although they don’t have intelligence like human beings. Remember! Puppy is not a toy; Puppy is a creature with life and feeling. See yourself deeply whether you are really ready to take care of a puppy like a baby, and envision your future with a puppy rationally before purchasing it. Don’t be dragged by your impulse. Your impulse spoils vendors in market”

    Customers  (Solutions  for Customers)

For customers, I would like to suggest what customers should consider before they purchase a puppy.

            If you are a person who wants to raise a puppy for the first time, consider about having a fish or hamster stuff first, then if you think you are really ready to take care of a puppy, purchase it. But you have to take responsibility for a puppy no matter it becomes bigger or ugly after growing up because we don’t know how it grows. For example, some person’s baby used to be so pretty but when the baby grows up, becomes ugly and big. So is it right for a person to throw a child away because a pretty baby grows ugly and big?

            I have to point out that puppies usually grow up until 6 months to 8 months. If there are vendors who say this puppy won’t grow up any more, for sure they lie to customers to sell a puppy with expensive price. Try to purchase more than 4 month old puppy which is almost finished vaccinations so that you can avoid any problems with puppy’s health after you bring it home.

            Most vendors fabricate breed registry(studbook) and cheat on customers 'this puppy is purebred' to receive high price. Don’t trust vendors so much. The important thing is whether you share feelings with a puppy you choose or not. Purebred should not be a priority unless you have a plan to show your puppy to the dog show or beauty competition.

            Don’t purchase any pets online. Most pet vendors online use Photoshop program to make pets’ look much better than actual look. Visit breeders or sellers in person to see puppies and try to share feelings with puppies while you are there; then find one you feel connection with. If you really love a puppy, for sure you are able to share feeling and feel connection with a puppy.

            Pets need training by their owners. For example, urine, poop, less barking, manners, etc. Customers who want to have a pet have to learn and study how to train their pet. Don’t purchase any pets without knowledge on pets.

            You should know as customers, beware of price in pet industry since price is like a rubber string at vendor’s discretion. pet’s price should be evaluated by clean environment where pets are, health care(checkup and vaccination), pet cleaning, training by vendors, systematic quality of service from vendors (refer to my solution for vendors below), typical feature(each breed of puppies has their own typical feature like length of legs, shape of tail, nose shape, etc)

     Vendors  (Problems with Vendors)

Many vendors abuse pets to sell in market with high price. Overall problems are as below.

            Since there are many customers who look for ‘teacup puppy’, many vendors produce baby puppies by giving injections to mother puppies to stop breast feeding to prevent baby puppies from growing up.

            Vendors gain puppy babies from mother puppies prior to due date by cesarean to have tiny puppies and cheat customers with fake teacup puppy

            Vendors abuse pretty female puppies to have babies in a row for sale until mother puppies die in the small cage.

            Vendors separate baby puppies too early from mother puppies, and sell it before baby puppies even have some level of immunity. Moreover vendors lie about puppy’s’ age. For example, 30 day old puppy turns to be 2 month old puppy for sale. Consequently, so many disputes are caused between vendors and customers because young puppies which don’t have immunity die or get disease after they are adopted.

            Vendors provide puppies with tiny bit of meals to save their expense, and make puppies seemingly look like ‘teacup puppy’

            Vendors fabricate breed registry(studbook) and lie to customers that puppies are purebred to ask for the high price.

            Vendors usually treat puppies as lifeless items and don’t usually care about puppy’s feeling, health, cleaning and environment. Many vendors focus on only earning money. When I see how vendors treat puppies and customers, I know what kind of vendors they are behind their fake smile.

    Vendors (Solutions for Vendors)

There are many people who want to have pets. So quality of service and system is required in pet industry as well as pet vendors should specialize in pet care. So I would like to share my ideas for advanced pet industry as below.

            Pet vendors need a certificate or license to prove they specialize in pet care and necessary knowledge for pets. Pet care certificate includes pet grooming, pet training, clean environment for pets, necessary knowledge about pet’s health care, etc.

            Vendors should have patience and gentle manners with customers to maintain long term relationship and viral marketing by customers. I know there are really strange customers a lot and how difficult it is to deal with a variety of customers’ demands. But vendors should study a case by case from their experience how to cope with different types of customers with patience (I know it is the hardest thing to deal with). Don’t be aggressive or hot and quick tempered with customers, it will only ruin your business.

            Specific conditions on contract for customers are really important to avoid any possible disputes. If there are vendors or customers who think detailed conditions on contract are unnecessary procedure, they are ignorant and will face disputes for sure. When I see conditions on contract vendors present to customers are so shallow so that is why there are a lot of disputes between customers and vendors. Specific conditions and explanations are required on contract regarding below elements at least.

*  Payment and Refund ─ Detailed payment condition regarding deposit, full payment, refund, and term

*  Exchange Condition  specify in what conditions the exchange would be acceptable

Responsibility and Compensation specify detailed sorts of disease puppies possibly have and how much vendors can cover it and how to cover it and term in detail not to make customers confused if they meet problems with their pet.

*  Pets Size and Appearance Vendors must explain to customers both by verbal and written contract that puppies can grow until 6 month to 8 month and there are some possibility to grow bigger and different look, although puppies are purebred. Dont make customers expect too high regarding future appearance of pets.

            Rational Price
I find that price in pet industry is irrational and unreasonable. Many vendors set prices on pets at their own discretion without any firm standard. For example, some vendors ask price for a puppy $4,500, and reduce to $2,500 in negotiation, but the reason they ask that much price is due to small size or purebred stuff. When customers request a breed registry since puppy is so expensive, vendors request additional $100 to make a breed registry. But I heard most vendors fabricate breed registry on pets. Therefore, rational price need to be set with conditions as below to make customers understand with price. If vendors follow below conditions for pets, then they deserve to mark up prices with their high quality of service both for pets and customers. I think if the price is higher on pets, less people will abandon their pets, and they will consider more seriously when they purchase pets. In my observation, customers tend to choose well treated pets and high quality of service and system no matter the price is if they really want to have pets. The higher price is, the more customers tend to think it is valuable. For your reference, in America, ugly puppies in crossbred are also so much expensive.

            For High Quality of Service and System

Clean and Neat Environment for Pets
Vendors should have ideas on how to make a place homey for puppies and customers within their budget. For example, I heard if puppies are put in the same cage together, any disease can be transmitted to puppies. So my suggestion is to set up a small play ground for puppies and customers observation, and regularly put a group of healthy puppies in the playground to play together or learn how to play with other puppies at designated time in turn. So puppies dont have to be lonely in the small cage or fence. Also, customers can observe what kind of puppy is their favor.

*  Wash and Groom Puppies
Vendors should wash and groom puppies everyday in turn by breed. For example, wash and groom two or three puppies in a day; and the next day, do with different puppies, etc. Make this daily routine in work. So vendors are always ready to show clean and well groomed puppies to customers. It is another strategy to appeal to customers with clean puppies. In my experience, when I visited vendors shops, puppies were dirty and breeders treated puppies like lifeless items; nevertheless vendors asked for a very high price.

*  Video Post Online for Customers
Post a video online for customers to check each puppys condition and movement. A video is more believable than pictures.

*  Health Care for Puppies with a Record
Let a veterinarian check up pets health and give vaccination regularly. Vendors should keep each pets health record with a veterinarians sign in some kind of chart or journal. And present customers with a record of pets health. When I see vendors, they never present pets health record, even they lie about pets date of birth. Health record should have the date of birth as well as a list of vaccinations pets have with veterinarians sign on each section in journal.

            Additional Profits for Pet Business

*  Pet Items
Create additional profits from selling items pets really need, so when customers purchase any pet, they dont have to worry about pets necessary items like food, bath products, etc. Especially, it is not good for pets if pets food is changed after being adopted. So vendors who sell pets would better sell pet items together to customers.

*  Training Class for Customers
So many customers purchase pets without knowledge on how to train and raise pets, and go through trial and error with their pet. Unfortunately, many customers abandon pets with a variety of excuses after failure of pet training. Provide pet training class for customers either by online or offline with charge. Recommend customers to complete pet training class; then purchase a pet. Customers should pay for a deposit to reserve a pet first and they can purchase a pet after completing the training class containing how to make a pet piss in the designated place, how to wash and groom pets and control barking stuff, etc. Vendors should not focus on only earning money; they have to specialize in pet care to satisfy customers with their high quality of service and system.

    Solution for Government

Government should know that a lot of pets are abandoned by customers. The more pet vendors and customers are increasing, the more pets are abandoned and abused by vendors and customers because human beings are so malicious and sly more than people normally think.

            Restrict vendors if they don’t have a certificate or license specializing in pet care

            Animal center or organization run by a government should supervise and visit pet shops and kennels regularly whether vendors keep regulations for pets or not, or abuse pets or not. (Regulation: pet health and environment)

            Restrict oversupply of pets by strict regulations to prevent customers and vendors from abandoning and abusing pets, so government will less spend money for euthanasia on abandoned pets.

            Establish a law on penalty and confinement in prison if anyone abuse pets(animals)

In conclusion;

Any businesses require knowledge, skills, and diligent effort, not only pet business. But pet business is dealing with life of pets. Pets have life; they are not “lifeless toy”. Therefore vendors should be thoughtful and sincere with their business and customers. I would like to advise that pet vendors should try to earn money from their business by providing quality of service & system and ideas for pets and customers, not by amount of pets. Finally, customers will be yours and you will be a winner in pet market. Lastly, whoever want to have pets or already have pets, they should treat pets like a family or precious life, not lifeless toy to fill their loneliness or curiosity.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Alice’s View on Happiness

I would like to talk about my view on happiness. I know people have different perspective on happiness. That person’s happiness might not work for another person. So it could be a hard subject to define what happiness is. But I am open to share about what my happiness is.

I know happiness is from our mind so we can find happiness in our mind if we are able to control our mind to accept situations and matters with positive attitude; furthermore it will be much better if we are able to take advantage of situations and matters no matter what kind of situations we are in. Unfortunately, it is really hard to control our mind so that is why human beings have agony, despair, loneliness, etc…

I think life of human beings is double sided; that means good things happen, then bad things happen, too. Two different sides always come together like a couple in life. Although there are people who seem to have everything and look happy, they must have suffered from another side(bad things) in life because life has a balance between two different sides.

In this materialistic and corrupt capitalism, many people think money is all about, and people who live on wealth and honor could be the definition of happiness. But if we follow the materialistic definition of happiness, I know nothing can fill our mind. Only loneliness and emptiness will manipulate our mind to feel fake happiness which is not true.

I would say my happiness is from tranquility in mind, and effort with passion, familys loving, healthy smile, etc; well… my happiness looks nothing special. But I find my happiness is from trifling things in ordinary life. In fact, I am a person who is shaken by situations and matters sensitively because I have high sensitivity as well as social anxiety. This kind of things gets into my nerves often or not, but I am used to it because I have lived my entire life with these issues. I don’t mean that I have no problem at all with my issues, but I try to have positive mind to overcome it.

Many people think I, Alice could be very lonely as an experimental status (?) in eyes of public and open observation, but I try to find happiness from my inner side. I think my happiness is more introverted than extroverted. Of course, as one of human beings I feel lonely when I feel totally isolated from everything or I cannot come up with any ideas or plans to motivate myself. In that respect, I have to say loving relationships (family or friends..), goals & plans with passion, or anything motivating myself makes me feel happy.

However, the rate of suicide is increasing in world. There must be a variety of reasons depending on people’s mental issues, but some reasons come from inferiority and fear for ambiguous future. But these negative feelings are affected by wrong modern system that chances and benefits tend to incline to people who have money and wealthy background. And discrimination causes a big gap by materialistic society system. Wealthy people have more benefits; conversely, poor and vulnerable people have to take more burdens in society. This kind of discrimination drives weak & vulnerable people to the corner and makes them nowhere to reach.

Also, people evaluate people by what they have in the materialistic way all over. In this materialistic capitalism, relationships often form upon money, and most disputes are caused by money, though. There is no sincere, true hearts to trust when I look into human beings’ deep heart. Human beings are becoming very much calculative and sly. That being said, human beings will be more alienated from true happiness and deluded by fake happiness that will not last long.

Another problem in this period is lack of conversations in relationships. I find mechanical systems dominate life of human beings. Everywhere people make conversations through small device, or computer. Even young children also depend on mechanical device and computer for game, chat, etc. Warming conversations and warming gatherings with sincere heart is disappearing. This world is becoming very cold and mechanical. People become very individualistic, and their heart is getting so cold like a robot. Stephen Hawking, who is British theoretical physicist and cosmologist, also forecasts this world will be dominated by A.I. (artificial intelligence-robots) in the future.

I believe the suicide rate will be dramatically increasing in the future because lonely heart will be increasing in this cold, materialistic world. Eventually, happiness of human beings will be destroyed by materialistic, individualistic, mechanical, contaminated world. Therefore, our efforts to find happiness inside our mind with humility will be very important because it will teach us how to control our vulnerable mind shaken by this corrupt system in world.

Frankly, I am a person who has concern, anxiety, or anger all human beings feel in life because I am imperfect as other human beings. So I know I have to discipline myself continuously how to be happy in my mind to stand up against storms I will face in life as other human beings.

Lastly, I would like to share some quote I like most, “if we cannot change situations or matters, change our attitude to see it in the positive way.”

Alice’s quotes for Happiness
  Happiness depends upon ourselves – Aristotle
  The secret to enjoying life is to be thankful for what each day brings
  It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness Charles Spurgeon
  Happiness is acceptance
  Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are.
      ♥  If you cannot change it, change your attitude.